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Rodizio Brazilian Grill now open in Rotterdam!

Welcome at Brazilian Restaurant Rodizio


We invite you to listen carefully for the unmistakable sound of traditional Brazilian music echoing in the distance. Breathe in the vivid aroma of authentic Brazilian cuisine. Feast your eyes on the delicately lit and furnished venue, then treat your taste buds to the array of flavour sensations presented to you in the traditional Brazilian "churrascaria" where our waiters, dressed as authentic “Gauchos”, wait to serve you with the finest meats, brought directly to your table.

Rodizio Den Haag has only one restaurant in The Netherlands. We are an unique venue. There are no franchisers or other branches across the country. Our name Rodizio also means a style of restaurant service in Brazilian restaurants. One pays a fixed price (preço fixo) and the waiters bring samples of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the customers signify that they have had enough.

We invite you to indulge in the festivity and unforgettable sensory experience that is our Carnaval shows, presented every Fridays and Saturdays! Located on the Kurhaus plein, in front of Scheveningen’s iconic Kurhaus Steigenberger Hotel. Its excellent location means that you can make the most of the beachside before stepping out for dinner. Rodizio features a broad and affordable menu including “Churrasco” roasted meat and seafood, a range of salubrious vegetarian dishes and a variety of locally loved cocktails, as well as some Brazilian favourites.

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Roda de Samba at Brazilian Restaurant Rodizio

All you can eat at Brazilian Restaurant Rodizio

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Live samba show at Brazilian Restaurant Rodizio

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Live music at Brazilian Restaurant Rodizio

Have a nice night out with Rodizio and Pathé!